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Gudetama Five-Star Chef Restaurant Open Soon in Taipei! One more place to visit in Taiwan✈

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If Japan Osaka is too far for you and air ticket is too expensive. There is a delightful news for all Singapore Gudetama lovers.

Finally, another Gudetama theme restaurant are going to open on 20th Oct in Taipei. If you are having a trip to Taiwan soon, don't forget to plan this into your itinerary.

You can find Gudetama everywhere from the inside out of the restaurant; from the food & drink menu, chairs and the decoration.

If you have the perception that themed cafes like this don't serve good food. Don't worry, this one definitely will surprise you as it is Five-Star Chef Restaurant and it serves creative cuisine from all over the world.

Let's look at the menu 😏

There is this "rainbow fruit smoothie", you can take away the bottle and reuse it as your new water bottle after you finish the drink!
I just booked my air ticket to Taipei~ Wait for me Gudetama, I'm coming!
More details please visit Gudetama Chef-蛋黃哥五星主廚餐廳 FB page
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