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IG Popular《Treasure Box Candy Bun》A Surprise Gift Dessert 🎂

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An normal cake is no longer a enough surprise to celebrate birthday or on special day.

Recently a large number of desserts like this which called "か く れ ん パ パ ン" Treasure Box Bun are posted by famous decofood instagramers in Japan.

credit to: instagram @ natsu.yu_an805

This lovely Treasure Box Bun is a Surprise Gift Dessert contained full of candy, sweets and snacks hidden inside, which only show up as surprise after you cut.

credit to: instagram @ nikopipi20121024

credit to: instagram @ natsu.yu_an805

credit to: instagram @ tar_chi


Let's see how it's made ↓

credit to: instagram @ natsu.yu_an805

So the secret is making a access hole at the bottom!
Not only bread, you can also do not same for cake,
muffin or pancake.

credit to: instagram @ tar_chi



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