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Save Your Party Spend! Learn How to DIY Cute Mickey Mouse Party Hats & Gift Bags

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Whether is a baby 100 days birthday party or any other parties, Disney has always been a hot theme! If you want to save money for your party spent, don't miss reading this!

Today we will teach you how to make some party goods by yourself~

Mickey Mouse Party Hats
1. Cut big circle from black cardboard, wound into a cone and glue

2. Cut two small round ears from bling bling black paper, fold small area one side and paste to the cone. Make sure both sides of the ear position symmetry.

3. Cut a curved strip from red colored paper, paste it at the bottom of cone as Mickey red pants.

4.Stick two white buttons (can use white paper instead)
Finally, make 2 holes on both side of hat at the right height and pass the black ribbon through the holes then done~

Mickey Mouse Gift Bags
1. Paste red paper at the bottom of black paper bag (about half the height of the bag), and then stick the two white buttons (white paper also available)

2. Cut two small round ears from bling bling black paper, glue 1/4 area at the back and paste on the top corner of paper bag.

Source from《BuBa Balão - Como Fazer Personalizados do Mickey》

Watch the tutorial video here! 

So now you can spend more on buying a better gift for your lovely kids and babys:)


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