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"Pikachu steamed buns & Doraemon memory toast" launched by Korea 7-11

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Korean convenience stores please give us a break from full of cuteness haha 😂 We can't help but want to fly to Korea again because of all the cute limited edition stuffs launched by you!

Pokemon Pikachu steamed buns

Do you still remember the Minions Milk Bottles & Disney Tsum Tsum Coffee Cups launched by GS25 previously?

korean minions milk bottleskorean disney tsum tsum coffee cupskorean disney tsum tsum coffee cups

Their big competitor 7-11 decide to also have something collaborate with our favorite cartoon characters~ 👏Pikachu👏

Pikachu steamed bun is stuffed with sweet red beans, and you can buy at very affordable price of 1,200 KRW (SGD1.45) 

Pikachu steamed bunsPikachu steamed bunsPikachu steamed bunsPikachu steamed buns

But sadly to tell this Pikachu steamed buns are only 100,000 pcs limited in Korea😢

Beside this, last week is the South Korean examination week, thus 7-11 launched of "Doraemon memory toast" to help the candidates in remembering the test answer!

Doraemon memory toastDoraemon memory toastDoraemon memory toast

😭Why I can't get these in Singapore, to Soothe my wounded soul


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