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Remember when we were just a child, and receiving gifts was the best feeling we look for every birthday? That joy and anticipation upon opening up a beautifully wrapped box- meant for no one but us, is truly special. That excitement of receiving a gift never really fade- even in our adulthood. And now, as adults, we would want to give that feeling to our beloved kids and children we care about.

How often do we find ourselves scratching our heads, thinking about what to purchase for a little one? The receiver might be a child of our own, related to us, or a child of a dear friend. Whichever it is, the problem remains: what could kids possibly want at their age?

Things are no longer pink and blue like they were in the past. Pink presents and dolls were for little girls, while blue items and trucks or cars are meant for little boys. While that social tendency to pick certain category of gifts for children of different gender still remains, there are now many more options to choose from!

With the advancement of cinematography and special effects, there is almost nothing that could not be fabricated on the screen and movies. This has resulted in the seemingly endless cartoon characters that has been given life by CGI graphics and effects! From the west, we have Disney and Pixar characters, such as Mickey and Minnie mouse, the all famous Frozen, Cars, Star Wars and Toy Story; whereas from the east, we have our famous mouthless cat Hello Kitty, and her friends My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Gudetama. There are other beloved children characters such as Snoopy, Totoro, Rilakkuma, and much more! The characters are endless!

Luckily for us, the abundance of cartoon characters for our children to grow up with can allow us to tune in to their preference, and get them the perfect gift that would life up their eyes when they receive it! Just by observing or asking around, we will be able to know which character our child fancies, and the rest is easy - pick out the perfect gift from us!

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